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To their friends, they’re known as The Heroes of Tarkindale. To their enemies, they’re known as “Those assholes who keep wrecking our stuff.”


Benoit The Anointed (Half-Elf Cleric)

Perfomer: Ian Boothby, (@IanBoothby)
An Agnostic Half-Worshipper of the God Peter (who may or may not be a subsidiary of a popular soft drink company).
Favourite Weapon: Sparkle Mace.


Brask Hellbeard (Dwarf Bard)

Performer: Shaun Stewart, (@BraskHellbeard)
Dwarf Bard. Former Fighter. His beard awaits him in Hell.
Favourite Weapon: The Power of Song.


Freya (Elf Warlock)

Performer: Joanna Gaskell, (@mightyjoanna)
There was a puff of smoke, the smell of Brimstone, and there she was. Freya doesn’t know where she’s from. But she does know she’s the leader of the Heroes of Tarkindale.
Favourite Weapon: The ability to eat souls.


Ingrid (Halfling Fighter)

Performer: Barbara Beall, (@Barbara_Beall)
A Halfling raised by Giants. There is a saying: “If you’re going to fight Ingrid the Halfling, wear clean underwear because she’ll intimidate the pants off of you. Also, you’ll probably die. Horribly.”
Favourite Weapon: Her steely gaze.


Spitz Lube’n (Human Wizard)

Performer: Allen Morrison, (@AllenJMorrison)
A self-described “box of broken toys,” Spitz is the owner and proprietor of The Spitz & Ass, one of the top three taverns in the town of Tarkindale.
Favourite Weapon: Three Way Tie between his Kodiak Staff, Mage Hand, and BearBee Mead.