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The Creators

A lot of people have come together to make The Critical Hit Show, both in its comic form and on stage.

Eric Fell (Writer)

Eric Fell is an actor, comedian, writer, and all-round awesome person who puts on shows like The Critical Hit Show and the Gentlemen Hecklers monthly in Vancouver, BC.

His website:


Heather L. Gilbraith (Artist)

Heather L. Gilbraith is an artist and writer living and working in Vancouver, BC. She loves making comics and also has an interest in storyboarding and illustration, anything that allows her to tell stories with her art. She has a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, majoring in illustration.

Her website:


We owe the existence of The Critical Hit Show Comic to:

The Critical Hit Show

The idea, characters, setting, etc. for The Critical Hit Show Comic comes from The Critical Hit Show, a long-running live improvised comedy put on every month at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia. The original format for The Critical Hit Show was devised by Eric Fell and Shaun Stewart.

The characters you see in the comic were created by those who perform in the show. Eric puts together the adventures, the locations, and the NPCs, and the performers improvise the show, creating the story along the way and bringing it to life. Here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Barbara Beall as Ingrid the Halfling Fighter. (@Barbara_Beall)
  • Ian Boothby as Benoit the Half-Elf Cleric. (@IanBoothby)
  • Eric Fell as Eric Fell the DM and the NPCs (Mayor Funch, Dominic Prumpet, Colin the Dragon, most of the creatures with voices). (@EricFell)
  • Joanna Gaskell as Freya the Elf Warlock. (@mightyjoanna)
  • Allen Morrison as Spitz Lube’n the Human Wizard. (@AllenJMorrison)
  • Shaun Stewart as Brask Hellbeard the Dwarf Bard. (@BraskHellbeard)

(Be sure to check them out, they’re all fantastic!)

The website was put together by Heather Gilbraith, with some of the wordy bits by Eric Fell.