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Hello! Eric Fell, here! Welcome to the Critical Hit Show comic! We’re very glad you’re here. Four years ago, we put on our very first Critical Hit Show in the form of a live, improvised comedy show in Vancouver. We’ve been doing one every month ever since. If you include shows we’ve done at conventions, that puts us at over 50 episodes! That’s like two “Fireflies,” a,”Fawlty Towers,” and a “Dirty Dancing:The Series” combined!

Like the live show, the comic follows the adventures of The Heroes of Tarkindale as they go about saving the world and enjoying time at Tarkindale’s third best tavern, The Spitz & Ass. But don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen the show to enjoy the comic.

I write the words, and the incredible Heather Gilbraith draws the pictures. Heather also makes the site look all nice. We’re going to shoot for one comic per month, with some goodies popping in every once in a while.

Thanks again for coming by, and we hope you enjoy The Critical Hit Show Comic!

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