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How to Read

The comic is set up as a series of episodes; think Archie comics! There are multiple stories or episodes within a single Archie issue, and likewise we update the comic in batches that each comprise one episode. These episodes can be one page, or several pages long, and they’ll all be uploaded and available at once each time the comic is updated.

Therefore, there are two ways of navigating the comic. You can use the page navigation buttons below the comic page to advance forward or backward one comic page at a time, or you can use the episode navigation buttons above the comic page to navigate between episodes. Using these buttons will always bring you to the first page of the particular episode to avoid spoilers. (Be aware, sometimes the episode navigation buttons won’t be visible on the main page; use the next method of reaching the various episodes instead.)

Alternatively you can choose which episode you’d like to read using the “Episodes List” drop-down menu in the sidebar. This will link you to the first page of the story you choose.

If you’d rather see a broader view of all the stories and pages available, click the “Comic Archives” link in the toolbar just below the site header. It will show you the episodes, plus every page available under each episode.

Hope this clears things up!

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